The term K1BC is my ham radio callsign. The BC is the short form of my initials.
Bob Clements
Robert C Clements

Partial biography:
Born in Boston, MA, in 1942. Also lived near Penn State and in Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA. Attended Stuyvesant HS.
Went to MIT in 1960.
Spent a little time in classes, but mostly was doing unofficial stuff at WTBS or W1MX or TMRC or the PDP-1 or the AI lab.
Graduated from MIT, BSEE, in 1964.
In the above period, I had a summer job at Raytheon,
programming a PDP-1, to make space-ship riders become sick, but not dead.
Employed at DEC from 1964 to early 1972.
Responsibilities included being Project Engineer for the KA-10,
the central processor of the PDP-10 computer.
Also, considerable software work on the TOPS-10 monitor and various of its utilities.
While at DEC, I went to various PDP-10 customer sites.
I was intrigued by this "ARPANET" stuff they were doing at BBN.
So I moved over there to work on the net and on TENEX.
Employed at BBN from early 1972 to early 2003.
(My office, for some of those years, was next door to that of Ray Tomlinson,
the ACTUAL inventor of EMAIL, which I mention in case
you've believed any of that nonsense about some guy inventing EMAIL some ten years later.)
My responsibilities included work on the TENEX monitor and its utilities.
Also work on various hardware and software in the BBN (and BBNCC) line of
packet switches for the ARPANET and later the Internet.
Built the hardware and software interfaces from BBN switches to the MCI MAIL telex connection.
Also worked on the BBNACI (BBN Advanced Computers Inc) TC-2000, again in both hardware and software.
Then back into the main part of BBN to work on various projects
in the Internet Research department, mostly to do with security and other protocol specs.
You'll see my name on a number of the early RFCs. (clements@bbn -- there was no ".com" in the early days.)
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